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Not So Different?

In U.S. on October 21, 2007 at 10:57 pm

Just got back from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after spending a week down there with family.  It was a balmy 90 degrees and sunny everyday except for yesterday, very unlike Vancouver. I was there for Stephen Colbert’s big announcement that he would run as a candidate for both the Democrats and Republicans although it didn’t seem to rock any boats down there.  Of course we were with a lot of senior citizens who were more intent on floating in the pool or winning blackout bingo.

Differences between here and Canada: the huge, flatscreen television in the registration area was showing a Joel Osteen sermon, yes, in a very public place.  Can’t see that happening up here because it might offend someone’s senses, although I do find Joel Osteen offensive anyway.  And one day when I was out in the pool the staff were piping another Southern Baptist style sermon through the PA system.  Again, that would never happen here.  It felt more like being back in Syria, or any other country in the Middle East for that matter.  No matter where you were – on transit, in the market, in a shop or restaurant – there’s some sermon blasting from somewhere.

The biggest similarity between here and there, the value of the dollar, for which the whole family is very grateful.

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