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Public Pool: Part 1

In At home on January 8, 2008 at 6:53 am

I’m back at the pool in attempts to get back in shape for some races in the spring/summer.  I haven’t done any swimming in more than two years and I feel the weakness in every muscle on my upper body.  But at least I’m back at it and one of the benefits is hanging out in the hottub after a swim and stretching out where it’s nice and warm.

The other day my goggles jammed out halfway through my swim so I had to toss them, the result being bloodshot eyes and almost zero vision since I wasn’t wearing my contacts.

As I jumped into the hottub, I stumbled over a lady sitting on her own.  Despite being almost blind I noticed two things about her:
1.  she was wearing bright red shiny lipgloss
2.  she was wearing a wetsuit

I think to myself, “weird”.  Why would you wear a wetsuit into the hottub?  As I found my seat I glanced her way again and realized this time that she was not wearing a wetsuit.  She was, in fact, wearing a red, pink, and black striped turtleneck sweater.  Now I know a lot of women have image issues so it’s not unusual to see females wearing all sorts of baggy things in a pool, but I’ve never seen a sweater before.  And this is a very hot hottub.  I find myself wondering if she’s wearing shorts or track pants or perhaps a swimming suit down below.  A few minutes later she stepped out of the hottub wearing… a black skirt and NYLONS.  She then proceeded to take a shower in the rinse-off area, fully dressed, for about 5 minutes, carrying on a conversation with someone else.  Then she left at which point I bolted from the room to follow her into the changeroom to see what came next… and she wasn’t there!  Where did she go???

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