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Half Way There

In At home on September 20, 2015 at 6:54 pm

It’s been quite some time since I last updated my blog but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been going on.  While there haven’t been any milestone birthdays or standard significant life events, a few other things took place.  First, I celebrated the “Half Way There” point in my life.  Yes, I do know my life’s mid-point mark, the one that officially separates the first half from the second half.  Don’t ask how I’m going to move on from this world when the end date arrives, just play along with having a half way there celebration.

As I considered the first half of my life I had to ask myself if I thought it was successful or if I would have done anything differently.  To the second question, yes absolutely, there are things I should have done, things I shouldn’t have said, things I wish I could undo, and some moments I would have held onto longer.  But to the first question, yes, 100% it was successful.  I accomplished all my big ticket wishes before I was 35, I took lots of chances, some of which failed but no matter because at least I took them, and if I read a book about my life from a third-person perspective, I’d say to myself, “I wish I was that girl”.  The best part of that last statement is I AM that girl so I can take a certain amount of pleasure that I did the things I thought were important and had some value.  While others called me crazy, wild, unfocussed, and even ‘unmarriageable’, whatever that means, I stayed true to myself and did the things that brought me satisfaction.  The only downside of that is now I need to make sure the second half of my life is just as good.

So what does that entail then?  Well, for a start I decided to finally get my motorcycle license and see the world from two motorized wheels.  The end of my learn-to-ride course coincided with the actual half-way there date so it seemed fitting to start the next phase that way.  And it’s been awesome.  I started on Beastie, a little Ninja 250, which rattled and screamed and shook on occasion, but provided me with power that kept me within my limited skill range.


Baby’s first bike

By the end of the first year though it was time to move onto something newer and more powerful, so I sold my first child to get the second, and no regrets.  The Bat, a Ninja 650, entered my world in late February and we have been going strong ever since.  A bunch of great road trips with some other biker friends, and challenges to myself to keep increasing the speed and tightening the curves.

There are lots of great things about riding – the speed, the scenery, the adventure, and meeting new people wherever you go.  Motorcyclists are a chatty and, for the most part, friendly bunch so wherever you go, other riders circle each other and then engage in talk, mostly about bikes, but other things too.  So it doesn’t matter where you go, you’re bound to meet someone new which may actually be my favourite part of my new hobby.  Well, after the speed.

The other big event in my life was ‘adopting’ a family of my own.  I was connected with a woman and her daughter through the organization I volunteer with, Journey Home Community.  JHC exists to help refugees integrate into Canada once they arrive and I had been looking to spend time with another family after being off the grid for a few years.  JHC matched the three of us up, and what started as the intention to help someone adapt to life here, ended up being one of the best new friendships I have had in years.  Life does not always end up the way you envisioned and a lot of the time it bears no resemblance to the plans you made, but sometimes it’s even better.  I do not have the traditional family that society seems to value but I’ve got a friend who’s as close as a sister and a little girl who actually calls me mama, more brothers, sisters, and cousins, and believe it or not, my own cow.

Little Cow Block aka Selena Moo

Little Cow Block aka Selena Moo

So there you go, the next half is starting quite nicely, lots more to come although I don’t know what it is.  All I can hope is that I continue taking those chances and doing the things important to me.  I want to continue being That Girl until the second half is over.

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