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One Hatchet, Two Fingers

In At home on September 22, 2007 at 5:09 am

This story is directly taken word for word from the Prince George Citizen:

Nellie Lefebrve, left and her daughter Corinna show the hatchet that injured their fingers while cutting kindling. (Citizen photo by David Mah)

Mom, daughter injured in separate mishaps
(Top Stories) Friday, 21 September 2007, 04:00 PST
BERNICE TRICK Citizen staff

A Prince George mother and daughter, who were determined to drive the autumn chill from the house, both ended up chopping their fingers with the same hatchet Tuesday.

“A silly thing happened at my house,” Nellie Lefebvre said.

“When I was out in the garage chopping kindling to light the fire in my insert, I missed, and I cut my left index finger badly.  I drove myself to the hospital.  It bled a lot like a gusher.  They couldn’t stitch it because of nerve damage, but they glued and bandaged it.

When Nellie was at work the same afternoon, she received a call from her adult daughter, Corinna, who lives with her.

“Mom, I went out to cut some kindling to start the fire so you wouldn’t have to, and I missed and chopped my finger,” the 32-year-old told her mother.

A neighbour drove Corinna to Prince George Regional Hospital to deal with her right index finger that was also gushing blood.

“Darn those hatchets anyhow,”  said the medical person caring for a second family member in one day.

Nellie said now she and Corinna are trying to decide whether to frame the hatchet or throw it away.

“I wonder what the odds are of two family members –one left-handed and one right-handed– cutting index fingers with the same hatchet on the same day,”  said Nellie.

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