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Vancouver Winter

In At home on January 14, 2008 at 4:34 pm

For all those people who come to Vancouver in the summer and say how much they love it and want to live here, try it in a winter like the one we’re having now.

The difference between rain and snow in the winter is the brightness.  At least with snow the sun is able to shine through the clouds somewhat and give the impression of light.  With rain, it’s dark all the time.  Last week, dark.  It’s 8:35am right now and as I look out the window from my office I can barely see 10 blocks away.  Not that it’s black, more like a dreary grey that’s trying to glow but can’t.

And the cold feels colder than it actually is because it bites through your clothes and sinks right into your bones.  I hate winter here.  I want to see the sun for more than an hour every two days.  I want to show up somewhere without arriving damp or drenched.  I want to stand on the streetcorner waiting to cross without getting another shower from the car plowing through the puddles.

For those who think it’s the most livable or beautiful city in the world, come on over and have a go.  Blah.

  1. I share your pain girl. It’s more miserable as a pedestrian than for those in cars.But, on the positive – you don’t have to shovel it.

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