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Text Messages

In Middle East, Syria on May 6, 2007 at 5:08 pm

Everybody texts messages here, it’s a cheap and easy way to communicate with (or to harass) people.  This is a random, inane message I got from one of my admirers awhile ago (the spelling mistakes are all his):

“Hey. Am in my way home. home whr the dearest person in a lifetime lives that is u Aleson. pls make no plans friday night. We r going out 4 Dinner. Looking forward to seeu. warmest greetings to a beautiful blue eyes.”

My eyes are green.

My friend Sally got this one:

“A star has 5 ends, a square has 4 end, a traiangel has 3 ends, a life has 1 end, a circale has no end, so I hope our friendship will be like a circale. Welcom my friend.”

She met him at a cafe one night and spoke with him for two minutes before receiving this message.  Very romantic, no?

  1. ack, Thats the sort of attention that drives me nuts. I’d go crazy if I felt like I was constantly fending off being hit on.

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