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Let’s Play "It’s Mumkin!!"

In Middle East, Syria on May 4, 2007 at 11:51 am

“Mumkin” is arabic for “possible”.  I’ve noticed an unusual number of people with their hands bandaged, splinted, or cast here, and thought it might be nice to see what other people notice.  So I’ve started a points-system game based on honesty and integrity, a strange concept in the Middle East.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • man/woman with bandaged/splinted/cast arm – 1 point
  • man/woman with cast on leg – 1 point
  • cast on both legs – 2 points (really, it’s mumkin!!)
  • man/woman with one leg – 2 points
  • orange pants – 1 point
  • orange shirt – 1 point
  • orange pants and shirt – 2 points (got points today for that)
  • woman with two black eyes, attributed to nose job – 2 points
  • cast on one leg and wearing orange pants – 3 points (i’ve already scored on this)

Automatic game winner:

  • woman wearing hejab and her bellybutton is exposed – 20 points
  1. How many points is”I got a black eye asking a woman with two black eyes if she got a nose-job”worth?

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