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In At home on January 23, 2007 at 3:28 pm

One of the things I love best about Toronto are all the divey restaurants you can chow down at. In Vancouver everything is so clean – I’ve actually seen people eating off the streets.  Granted, it’s at 2 in the morning when the bars close but I’m sure those fine citizens are very aware of what they’re doing.  Toronto, on the other hand, tries to be clean but misses the mark somehow, and this is precisely what I love.

Yesterday Chiuchiu introduced me to the JH on Queen West where you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.  The dirty dishes covered in tomato sauce and grease piled high on the belt were no indication of the tastiness of my avocado shake and the tomato lentil soup was positively delightful.  Waitress 1 wore a lovely jacket covered in skulls, some of which sparkled, and served us with a smile. Then surly and bored Waitress 2 brought our food. I’m never sure why those who hate people work in the service industry.

In conclusion, these dives are great and well worth eating at, with the exception of Sneaky Dee’s which smells like gym socks and cooked broccoli.

  1. Yeah! I got a mention!It was my pleasure showing you the divey places of my ‘hood. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it over last night. It’s been busy and I’ve got a bitchy cold/flu.

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