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On the East Coast

In U.S. on September 5, 2006 at 8:57 pm

Our sponsors have booked us a lovely little time share on Cape Cod as the last holiday of the summer.  Andrew and the parental unit flew in on one flight, I met them a few hours later.  We started off with a few days in Boston sightseeing and catching up.  The highlight for me?

The real reason I came to Boston.

At least I know my name.

We did an evening cruise of the harbour and took in the city as the sun set.

Marriott Custom House Tower

We also headed out to Newport, Rhode Island, to see the summer “homes” of the deceased rich and famous.

The Breakers, a Vanderbilt Mansion in Newport.

The Breakers

Honestly, all that money for only a few months spent here?  Nevertheless, a grand place indeed and only one of the many mansions we checked out that day.

We finally headed out to Cape Cod where we based our local excursions from.  One day on Martha’s Vineyard enjoying the petit island, another heading north to Provincetown to see the town.  We celebrated my birthday at a little pub on the way back to the apartment, passing through cranberry fields en route.  We only spent a little time at the beach as the weather was generally overcast and cool, but the rest of the trip was lovely.  Thanks mom and dad!

The beach closest to our apartment.

The birthday girl’s beach look

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