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36 Hours in Rwanda

In Africa, Rwanda on January 21, 2017 at 9:29 pm


View of Kigali at night from The Mirror Hotel.

I was supposed to spend at least 3 full days in Rwanda but family stuff took precedence and I opted for more time in Mbarara.  The plan was to head by myself to Kigali on the bus Wednesday morning and spend an evening and one full day there before catching my flight home.  Then Mum took exception to me traveling alone (she actually spent some time crying about it) and it was decided by the family (and without me) that Lil Bro would be my travel companion, or chaperone in my opinion.  So Dad drove us to a gas station at 5:00am to catch the Kampala/Kigali bus and sent us on our way, me with a big hug and Lil Bro with a manly handshake.  A lot of people drive or hire private cars to take them across the border.  I’m told that version of the commute takes around 3 hours.  It takes twice as long by bus.  Around 5:30am we were finally on our way, turns out the bus wasn’t late but we were super early.  Read the rest of this entry »