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Moscow Album

In Mystery Trip, Russia on October 1, 2012 at 9:15 pm

I grew up in the 70’s hearing stories about the Iron Curtain and the countries behind it.  Of course Russia was at the top of the list – cold, mysterious, and ruthless.  They were also our greatest nemesis in hockey, Canadians still talk about the Canadian-Russian match of 1972, ahhh Tretiak.  Things have changed drastically since then, obviously for the better in many ways for the citizens of the country.  Still, those images and stereotypes have stuck in my mind.  Then we get off the plane in Moscow and everything changes.  Misconceptions are firmly banished and you land in a vibrant, beautiful, and cosmopolitan city.  It’s true that you could comfortably spend a week sightseeing in Red Square but there is so much more to explore.  Three and a half days of walking and navigating the subway system and we didn’t manage to get even a tenth of it in.  Definitely need to go back and take more time to take it all in.

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