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Walk til you Drop

In Mystery Trip on September 17, 2012 at 5:02 pm

It’s the end of day 1 and my feet are killing me.  Fortunately I’ve pumped myself full of advil, beer and zoplicone so either I’ll fall asleep from exhaustion or from being happily stoned.

This morning I woke and met the second of my cute male neighbours.  As we were eating breakfast it turned out Spanish Andres and I had the same itinerary and so spent the day together.  We headed to one of the main attractions and while it was large and old, it did not capture my imagination.  But the second attraction we went to did, I remember watching the news of the protests and the army’s response to them.  Standing in the same place and thinking of the brave people who stood up to their government for what they believed in was quite overwhelming.  It’s amazing how the politicians whitewash those days with large screens displaying tourism commercials with shots of the beautiful countryside and soothing classical music piped in from the surrounding speakers.  Fortunately we haven’t forgotten and I hope the locals know that.

We checked out an architectural monstrosity (to some people) and enjoyed watching people walking, jogging, and enjoying the early evening before walking back to the hostel.  I was fairly certain my feet would fall off once we sat down but since we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast 10 hours earlier I was able to haul myself up to go out for dinner.  We ended up sharing a cab and a meal with a Dutch couple who are in the country for her brother’s wedding.  We went to a restaurant recommended by the lonely planet.  I’m amazed at how they find these places because this one is off the beaten track.  Perhaps the writer got lost and ended up on hands and knees begging for sustenance at this establishment, but however it happened I’m glad it did because the food was great.  It took awhile to find a cabbie who’d take us back to the hostel but eventually we got the 9th driver to say yes.  Back to the hostel, into bed after another cocktail of advil, beer and zoplicone.  Let’s see if my feet are still attached when I wake up.

  1. I think you’re in Beijing and I bet you have great adventures planned for the rest of your jaunt through China!

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