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Be My Travel Buddy!

In Mystery Trip, Travel Buddies on September 9, 2012 at 9:45 am

This could be you!!

When I go on my big adventures I most often start off solo.  Invariably I’ll end up with traveling companions who are already in the area and going on to the next destination.  We’re friends for as long as necessary and then that’s it.  The problem with this kind of travel is that my stories are all my own – when I get home I can tell them to people but there’s no one to ‘remember’ them with.

This time I’ve decided to change that and invite people to be my travel buddy.  This is how it works:  send your headshot or favourite picture to  Let me know what you’d like to see or do on the trip, eg. you love dining out, going to concerts, hiking, shopping, etc.  Between Sep.15 and Oct.6 check the blog to see where you “appear” and get the story of our adventure.  When I get back we can talk all about “that fun time when…”  Fun for me, free for you.  Jump in my backpack!

Disclaimer:  in sending your photo you are giving me permission to post it on this blog and use your name (first name only)

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