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On the Road Again…

In Mystery Trip on September 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm

It’s time again to head out and go explore another part of the world.  But this time I’m not telling you where I’m going.  Instead, you will have to follow this blog and guess from the clues where I might possibly be.  Leave your guess as a comment on whatever post you read and if you’re the first person to guess correctly, you’ll get a gift from the country I’m in.

Here are a few hints to get you started:

1.  I’ve never been to this country before

2.  I’m taking a backpack

3.  the weather could be hot, could be cold, depends on climate change and its unpredictability

4.  you can get there by land or boat but I’ll be flying

5.  I’m packing a swimsuit

6.  I need a passport to enter

7.  I leave from Vancouver on September 15 and return on October 6

That’s it, no more for you.  Let the guessing begin…

  1. I think it is CHILE! Am I right?
    p.s do you have to be 18 to guess? Mya would like a shot at the prize!

  2. I say Bolivia, Jeff says Peru

  3. I’m guessing Peru…

  4. Hey ladies, thanks for playing! But wouldn’t you rather have a few more hints before you take your shot? Guesses are accepted only once I’m in the air en route but yours have been duly noted…

  5. I’m guessing Patagonia…

  6. Croatia?………. and if it isn’t, it should be……..

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