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One Last Romantic Evening

In Europe, Spain on July 26, 2011 at 3:41 am

The south of Spain was lovely but it was time to head back to Barcelona for one last hurrah.  The morning after we were in Gibraltar I flew with the parents back to Barcelona for one more day before heading home, while Andrew left for two days in Seville. We spent a lovely day cruising the Old City again and finished the day and vacation with a trip to Montjuic, site of the Olympic stadium. At the bottom of the mountain, close to Placa Espanya, are the fountains and even if the music selection is a bit cheesy, the displays with lights are quite fantastic.  Much more elaborate and bigger than the Bellagio in Vegas (did I really just write that???)And after almost 24 hours of travel time, I’m writing this last post from the comfort of my own computer.  About to crash after spending two great weeks of touristing, vacationing, catching up with old friends, and taking in a whole new country, I’m glad we went and the whole trip was worth every second.

That’s all for this trip, hopefully the next adventure is not too far off.

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