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Moving & New Beginnings

In At home on January 13, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I’m not moving homes or towns.  Yet.  But I will be moving my blog to a different location in the days ahead.  Blogspot is nice but it’s time to grow up and do my own thing which means moving out of the domain to something a little more me.

Plus, as much as I’ve loved writing here, sporadically when at home and more often when away, it’s time for a new beginning.  I write more when I’m out of the country simply because I find my travels infinitely more exciting than living day to day in my life here.  I know life is what you make it and if I suffer from boredom it’s partly my fault.  I’m not seeing the excitement in my surroundings because I’m not looking for it.  I know days don’t need to be filled with new languages, guns, pollution and whatever else for things to be exciting, but that stuff is easier to peg as interesting because it is different.

My plan when I move blog homes is to change my perception of what’s interesting and worthy of being written down in the public sphere.  It’s not just about traveling to places overseas that most people don’t go to, although those stories will always be great fun to write about.  It’s also about the cool things going on in my own backyard, and when you live across from a public park in a big city, you’ve got a natural starting point.

For whatever this blog was worth, I hope the 6 of you who read it liked it and will follow me to my new home when I find out where that is.  Housewarming party to follow.

  1. Well, still waiting for this new blog of yours…change your mind?Paige

  2. Now how do you know only 6 people ever read it ;-)I know how you feel though. It took the camera to make me start seeing that there are interesting things around home and I don't have to be restricted to writing about travels. Cheers,Paige

  3. Yay, more writing! I've kept your blog on my feed, despite no posts for years, waiting for just this kind of new beginning. Looking forward to reading more…-holder of the Fez

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