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Opening Ceremonies

In At home, Canada on February 12, 2010 at 9:29 pm

The energy and excitement in the city has been steadily growing over the last weeks as athletes, journalists, and tourists have descended.  Judging by how many people were walking home at 3pm it would seem the entire business district was shutting down for the opening ceremonies.  Dawit came over to watch on my TV and we enjoyed the entire show, even the phallic totem poles rising majestically from the floor of B.C. Place.  As Wayne Gretzky jumped in the truck to light the hidden torch everyone started guessing the secret location.  It turned out to be at the foot of Thurlow Street in Coal Harbour which is not too far from my apartment.  We grabbed our coats and ran outside to head down and check it out.  As I turned around to look back the scene was a zombie movie – everyone leaving their apartments at the same time, turning onto the street at the same time, and walking determinedly towards their target.  It’d be creepy if it wasn’t so funny.  We got there just after Wayne left and people started singing the national anthem.

Our first view of the outside torch just after Wayne lit it.

The torch up close.

Spontaneous bursts of “Oh Canada” everywhere.

The party continued well into the night and all over the city.  We cruised up Granville Street and it was an absolute rocking environment.  Two more weeks of this?  I think it’s going to be better than we ever thought…

Crowds gather on Granville Street at the end of the night.

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