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My Students

In Middle East, Syria on May 18, 2007 at 6:37 pm

Me with some of my students.

Now that I’m an English teacher I suppose I need to share a few of the gems my students hit me with.  (Note: they are all older than 18)

Two days ago we’re practicing some reading and they have a hard time pronouncing ‘suggested’.  So I suggest to them before they fall asleep that night they should say ‘suggested suggested suggested’ and make the word their own.

I’ve also told them to stop calling me ‘Teacher’ and to call me Alison instead.  This is difficult for them since they have always been taught to respect authority (notice I do not say elders).  So one of the guys who believes himself to be the hottest thing on the planet is calling me over to ask a question.  He says ‘Teacher’ so I ignore him but he keeps trying anyway.  Finally I turn around and ask what my name is.  He gets this smile on his face and says, “Tonight before I fall asleep, I’ll say ‘Alison Alison Alison’, and then I’ll never forget it.”  Gag.

To all you teachers out there, does this ever happen to you???

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