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Bidding Wars

In Middle East, Syria on February 12, 2007 at 12:42 pm

The man who owns the hotel I’m staying at has a 95-year-old father who comes and sits at reception every day.  He challenges every guest to an arm wrestle – which he always wins – sometimes because people let him but most times because he is still tough as nails.  He has taken a shine to me and offered 12 camels and his house to marry me.  His son is concerned dad will throw in the hotel but I assure him this is not the case.  The daughters-in-law think it’s great and would love for me to marry their father-in-law and thereby secure the hotel for their sons when they grow up.  Abu Sameer also wants me to convert to Islam.

The Iraqi man who has the room next to mine says he’ll give me 15 camels and a donkey.  He’s said nothing about converting, he is already married.

Basil, the 22-year-old whose fiancee is 15, says he’ll give me one camel.  He’s not very wealthy.

No one else has entered the race yet, but I think I’m going to hold out for something better than old men, married men, poor men, and livestock.

  1. I bid two chickens and half a pack of gum.

  2. thats hilarious….hold out for the hotel…or at least a few more camels….lol…..

  3. Oh C’mon…12 Camels!?! How cool would that be?Just think of the wedding pictures!!No wonder you were so intent on heading out there…..hmmm….

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