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Driving the Irish Loop

In At home, Canada, Newfoundland on December 4, 2004 at 7:04 pm

Mathieu, the French CBC camerman, and I decided to check out the Irish Loop on one of my last weekends in St. John’s.  It follows the outline of the Avalon Peninsula after leaving St. John’s and goes through Ferryland, Trepassy Bay, and St. Mary’s Bay before heading back to tie the loop off back in St. John’s.  We spent a leisurely day driving south and landing in Trepassy for lunch at a restaurant situated in an Acco trailer on the main street of the town. I couldn’t understand a word the waitress said to us and after asking her to repeat her question it came out in a tumble of an Irish accent, “Oh ye poor dears.  Why don’t you warm yer feet while I git you a nice cup of Tetley’s?”

Afterwards we continued to St. Mary’s Bay where Mathieu endured my obsession with taking photos of dilapidated boats.  Soon afterwards the beautiful rugged scenery was clouded in and snow began to slowly fall.  We managed to get back into the city before the worst of it and I was soon snuggled safe and warm in my bed dreaming of the scenery and wonderful Newfoundland hospitality.

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