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And About India…

In Asia, India on December 6, 2002 at 7:22 pm

Ok, this is the last report…

Well, I have very mixed feelings about India so all I can say is that it’s going to take time to process that whole thing.  What I can say is that it’s the weirdest place I’ve ever been.  One night we stayed at the palace of one of the now defunct maharajas and it was like paradise in the midst of poverty and everything dirty.  It was totally green, beautiful tropical plants, peacocks and parakeets and the occasional monkey walking around.  Then just outside the gates was the smell and pollution and a million begging people.

I think my favourite place of what I saw was Amritsar and the Golden Temple which was surprisingly serene for having about 10,000 people walking around.  The Taj Mahal was disappointing because it looked exactly like all the pictures I’ve seen although the single light hanging above the tomb of Shah Jahan’s dead wife was the most perfect picture of a broken heart I’ve ever seen.

The food was awesome as well.  In my attempts to lose some weight, I actually drank the tap water in the hopes of dropping the kilos the way everyone else in the truck has.  Well, all I can say is that I threw-up once and that was it.  Can you believe it???? Everyone I know who’s been to India has horror stories of visiting every bathroom possible and popping Imodium like it’s candy.  I actually try to get sick and have never been more regular in my life.  I was going to bring some of the water home as a weight-loss supplement for anyone who wanted it but that’s a useless idea.

On the other hand, I think that India is a good place for assertiveness training.  Perhaps it is more expensive than conventional seminars conducted at home, however, unless you learn to say NO!!!!!! extremely fast, you will be subjected to buying a thousand carpets you don’t need and being whisked away in a taxi to a million places you don’t want to see.  At first I tried being the polite Canadian and said, ‘No thanks, I really don’t need a carpet’, but after constant harassment and a quick temper, it eventually turned into ‘GET LOST!! I DON’T WANT YOUR STINKING CARPET/SAREE/ELEPHANT/CAMEL/TAXI!!!!’  I think if I had had PMS during this part of the trip I would have gone to jail for murder.

Anyways, now I’m back in Amsterdam after a long flight that involved a 2 second stopover in Kuwait city.  I am enjoying the first-world immensely and tomorrow I leave for England for a week before coming back here to meet my brother.  It’s been a good trip but I am tired of being a tourist and am actually looking forward to a regulated work-week.  I know, you can quote me on that after the first week back, but I realize that I need structure in my life to stay sane.

So thank you to everyone who e-mailed and kept me in the loop as to their lives while I was gone.  I look forward to seeing a lot of you over the next few weeks and can hardly wait to catch up.  If my stories of ‘when I was in …’ get too much, please shut me down – I’ll try and keep the reminiscing to a dull roar.

And for those I don’t see before January, have a very Merry Christmas, a great New Year, and enjoy the holidays!

And that is all, she wrote.

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