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In Asia, Iran, Pakistan on November 13, 2002 at 7:09 pm

Sorry for the short message but it’s just to let you know that I am indeed alive.  At this moment we are waiting for our Pakistani visas to be issued by the most annoying consul yet.  If everything goes according to plan we should be in Taftan, Pakistan this evening.  By far this is the most exciting part of the trip and I am totally ready for whatever craziness and mayhem it has to offer.  I’m getting frustrated with trying to book a flight out of India, everything requires a faxed confirmation and other faxes of copies of copies of stupid things but I will be leaving Delhi around the 5th of December.

The time in Iran has been good although I am very ready to leave.  The scarf is oppressive in the heat and a pain when I’m trying to set up my tent.  On the other hand I have almost had my fill of army and guns and tanks and all that fun stuff.

We’re pretty much driving full-tilt during the day to make it to each city due to tribal conflicts and all that chaos.  We will be in those cities each night behind military compounds or secure campgrounds.  Once I reach India I’ll be phoning you from Amritsar so you can hear my voice and cry at the sound of the beauty of it 🙂

I’m loving this trip, can you tell?

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